Lifestyle Options

Independent Living in a Villa

Our villas have been professionally designed to allow you choice with different designs and size.

Being part of the village allows you the pleasure of sitting back and enjoying the extensive grounds, gardens and park like setting without the lawn mowing, maintenance and upkeep of the grounds and your villa.

Just because you have retired does not mean you will have nothing to do. With no ongoing maintenance to worry about you can enjoy your personal interests or join in with the extensive social activities available within the village.

Village life also includes outings or entertainment in the theatre on-site. Bar and cafĂ© facilities will
allow for communal dining if you wish or somewhere to meet for drinks or coffee through the day
or evening. Enjoy family celebrations in our extensive lounge areas or out in the grounds. There
will be an area where craft or woodwork activities can be carried out which will be close to our
bowling green.

You can choose whatever lifestyle is best suited for you with the security of knowing that you can obtain help from our onsite professionals 24 hours a day, if needed.

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Apartments and Studio Units

If you do not want to move into something as large as a villa but still want the independence, security and freedom to choose what you want in your retirement then an apartment would be the right choice for you.

Of our 15 apartments, there are three exclusive two-bedroomed apartments which we will be naming closer to our opening.  

Our apartments have been specifically designed to provide for your personal needs but also be future-proofed to allow you the comfort of staying in your apartment if your needs change. As part of occupying an apartment or studio, there is a basic service package and you can upgrade to one of the three packages available as your care needs or lifestyle require.   

Our studios, though smaller than an apartment, can offer the same independence with a range of service packages. There are 5 studio units ranging in price from $175,000. We have 11 care suites from $145,000 and these are designed to provide a higher level of care and will only have two care level packages available.

With 24 hour access to full professional care and services, you and your family can feel confident that your safety and wellbeing are provided for.

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Resthome hospital-no chair

Resthome and Hospital

If being well-cared-for by professional staff in a purpose-built facility where your individual needs will be met on an ongoing basis is important to you, then our hospital and resthome at TerraceView can provide that and much more. All rooms are large and have a their own ensuite and vista of the park-like grounds or gardens. The continuum of care offered by TerraceView allows you to stay in the room that you choose but have the services tailored to your needs if they change.

With the choice of living options in the village you can stay close to your spouse, if they have chosen this lifestyle, which allows them the comfort and security of knowing you are cared for but still close by.   

The joy of being part of such a vibrant village means you continue to live and enjoy a great quality of life for as long as you are able.